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Table Lamps


Always Lighting is thrilled to offer amazing upscale lighting in every décor style.  Our table lamps will beautifully complement your décor.


Proper lighting is the key to function but also to the beauty and style of your home.  Lamps are an essential component of any well-lit room.  Each room of your home needs a combination of lighting - general, task and ambient or accent lighting.  General lighting is usually provided by ceiling lights and serves to light the entire room.  Table lamps offer task lighting and small lamps often serve the purpose of providing accent lighting for a bookcase for example.


When purchasing table lamps, one must consider the size, shape and style of the lamp.  Where a lamp is to be placed and it's function are important considerations when determining the right lamp for the job.  Always consider the style of the décor when selecting table lamps.  If you're looking for a modern lamp, look for clean, sleek lines.  Is contemporary more your style? Consider a timeless lamp, currently large drum shades over slim bases are all the rage.  Transitional table lamps offer sophisticated style that is truly timeless.


Very popular today is the refined rustic style and our rustic table lamp collection will not disappoint.  For those concerned with their environmental footprint, consider the beautiful collection of eco-friendly table lamps Always Lighting has to offer.  For those looking for the perfect lamp for their home by the sea, our beach table lamps are an elegant choice.  No matter your style, think of table lamps as the jewelry for your room and adorn accordingly!



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