Welcome! Spring is in the Air!! Spring is a great time to leap forward and create a bright and cheery home!

Let's Light up Spring with a bright lamp or wall sconce to create  a cheery glow in your home!

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Lanterns add accent lighting to your décor.  Always Lighting carries unique lanterns in our lamp collection to complement your décor.


When considering the lighting plan for any room think about the layers of light and often ambient lighting is overlooked.  Ambient or accent lighting is that layer of light that provides warmth and seems to complete a room.  The warm glow on a candle in a lantern immediately puts your mind at ease and evokes the feeling of hearth and home.  Our lantern collection offers styles to suit every décor theme whether you are decorating a beach house and looking for wood and rope accents or looking for galvanized metal to accent farmhouse décor or an industrial loft.   Always Lighting scours our vendors for upscale lighting that will add beauty and style to your home. We set our sights on beautiful lights and hope you will too!


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