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Set your sights on beautiful outdoor lights from Always Lighting!  Our outdoor lighting collection will provide style and illumination to your home.


Just like interior lighting, outdoor lighting serves many purposes - task lighting, security, and providing ambience.  Consider these needs in choosing your outdoor light fixtures.   It is crucial to illuminate sidewalks and porch steps to avoid trip hazards and for your home's protection against burglary but outdoor lighting also works with the style of your home to create a first impression upon guests and serves to direct them into your home.  Choosing upscale lighting fixtures that complement the style of your home is easy with our wonderful collection of outdoor lights.


Outdoor wall lighting mounts on the wall and is perfect to use on either side of the garage door to light the driveway.  You can also use these lighting fixtures beside exterior doors to the patio or porch to welcome guests and illuminate any potential hazards like stairs.  You will want to be sure your house number is easily seen after dark and an outdoor wall mount light is a great solution for this.  Keep in mind the scale of the fixture.  If a single side lantern is used by a door, the typical rule of thumb is for the light to be approximately one third the height of the door.  If you use two lights, one on either side of the doorway then slightly smaller light fixtures are appropriate and you can choose fixtures that are one quarter of the height of the entry.


Outdoor hanging lights make a wonderful choice for a two story entry where an outdoor ceiling mount light fixture may be a better solution for a covered porch.  Outdoor post lighting makes a great addition to your front lawn to draw guests in.  Be careful in making your outdoor lighting selections not to go too small.  From 50 feet away, your outdoor lanterns will appear to be about half their size so if you're unsure - go larger.


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