Welcome! Spring is in the Air!! Spring is a great time to leap forward and create a bright and cheery home!

Let's Light up Spring with a bright lamp or wall sconce to create  a cheery glow in your home!

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Always Lighting has a beautiful selection of upscale lighting fixtures to provide warm and much needed wall lighting for your home.


Wall lighting is sometimes functional as with vanity lights or swing arm lamps and sometimes it is purely to accent your décor with beautiful ambient light.  At Always Lighting, we believe you should always set your sights on beautiful lights no matter the purpose!  Our wall sconces provide something for every taste and every décor style.  Wall sconces make a stunning contribution to your décor when paired and placed on either side of a mirror or piece of art.  Sconces can brighten the end of a long hallway and provide just that bit of ambient light where needed or desired and can be used in each and every room of your home.  Corner sconces are perfect for that hallway that makes a turn.  By placing a sconce on the corner you receive light in both directions.


Swing arm lamps are just the thing when space is a little tight and you don't have room for a table and full size lamp.  They're also great to place beside a bed for the night reader.  These lovely light fixtures mount to the wall eliminating the need for a piece of furniture to sit as the swing arm lamps base.  The lamp folds into the wall when not in use taking up little space and providing a beautiful accent.  When needed for reading or performing a task, simply pull out the swing arm and the light from the lamp is placed where needed.


Always Lighting offers an incredible selection of vanity lighting.  Our vanity lights are available in every style and every finish to perfectly complement your décor and provide the functional lighting you need in the bathroom.  Choosing stylish lighting to complement your décor is easy with us!


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