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Lighting By Style


Always Lighting makes it easy to find upscale lighting fixtures that will complement your décor when you shop lighting by style!

Lighting can really make the difference between ho-hum and WOW when decorating.  It is a level of décor often overlooked and under-utilized.  Taking your décor to the next level by adding upscale lighting fixtures that complement the theme you have utilized is easy when you can use stunning light fixtures like the ones you will find at Always Lighting.


Many people have trouble distinguishing between contemporary and modern styles.  We admit the lines are often a little blurred but these styles are not the same thing.  Modern décor actually represents a period of time, typically between 1920 and 1950 when designers were breaking away from the confines of traditional design.  Modern design is often referred to as mid-century modern and is recognizable by the use of clean lines, a lot of natural materials like wood and leather.  Contemporary design on the other hand refers to the here and now - it is often an eclectic representation of what is popular at the moment.  It often represents pieces that reflect the styles of different eras used together.


In our modern lighting collection you will see sleek, clean lines and the use of natural fibers like linen, wood and leather in lamps and shades.  These lighting fixtures are sure to complement any mid-century modern home décor.  Our contemporary lighting collection, represents some of our most popular upscale lighting fixtures and you'll find that eclectic mixture of then and now that is popular today.


Extremely popular today is a transitional style.  Transitional décor incorporates the use of traditional and contemporary and creates a decorating style that is classic and timeless.  The transitional lighting collection at Always Lighting offers light fixtures that represent this simple yet sophisticated style with both straight lines and rounded profiles.


Rustic no longer refers to just the kitschy cabin in the woods décor but represents a style of rustic refinement.  One where you treasure imperfection and natural beauty and you will see this reflected in our rustic lighting collection.  At Always Lighting it doesn't matter whether you're looking for eco-friendly lighting to complement your organic home or a beautiful lamp to accent the theme of your beach cottage, you are sure to find lighting that will offer your décor the WOW factor.


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