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Always Lighting believes overhead lighting can make a dramatic décor statement!  Our upscale home lighting includes beautiful ceiling light choices.


From chandeliers to billiard lights, we have your overhead lighting covered.  Chandeliers provide dramatic statement lighting as well as functional lighting that will illuminate an entire room.  Chandeliers are no longer just for the dining room and our collection offers an exciting choice for any room of your home and we have a style that will match any décor.  Be sure in choosing a chandelier that you keep scale in mind.  After all you want this upscale lighting fixture to complement your décor – not compete with it.  A chandelier should have at least 4 feet between it and any wall and if hung above a table, the width of the chandelier should be at least 1 foot less than the widest point of your table.  It should hang to about 30 inches above your table for maximum impact.    Consider shaking things up a bit and hang a chandelier in a foyer, a bathroom or even a bedroom.


Pendants are wonderful ceiling light fixtures for entries and large scale rooms with high ceilings.  Sometimes the ceiling height can be absolutely cavernous and a pendant light helps to drop it some and make the room feel cozy and more intimate.  A flush mount fixture is mounted directly on the ceiling or has just a slight drop which makes this type of ceiling light great for bedrooms and any room with a lower ceiling that will not accommodate a hanging fixture. Again with both pendants and flush mounts keep scale in mind.  If the fixture is too small in a big room or too big in a small room it will throw off the look you are trying to achieve. 


Island lights and mini pendants are perfect for kitchens and bars.  Always Lighting has many different styles to complement your décor.  Keep in mind the visual weight of the ceiling fixture in addition to the scale.  A slim mini pendant would look out of place over a large kitchen island and a large island light could overwhelm a 3 foot bar – that’s size and scale.  Weight comes in when you consider the visual weight.  For example a dainty crystal chandelier would appear too small even if the size is correct if it hangs over an oversized and bulky wood bar but a rustic, iron fixture would be perfect.


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