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Desk Lamps


Always Lighting offers unique, upscale lighting for the office in our lamp collection.  You'll find desk lamps to complement your décor style.


The home office needs layers of light - overhead lighting to generally light the room, accent lighting for ambience and task lighting to provide sufficient light for working.  Desk lamps usually serve the purpose of providing light for your work space to read and write by.  Desk lamps often have the ability to swing in order to direct light to a particular area.  General recommendations for adequate illumination of workspaces suggest that the light in a desk lamp be approximately 16 inches above the work surface and about 13 inches from the front of the desk.  Proper lighting for your workspace will reduce eye strain and fatigue. 


Desk lamps also serve as part of the décor of the office and can provide a WOW factor when a distinctive design style is chosen.  Consider adding floor lamps to add light to dark corners and table lamps for tables between chairs to create the atmosphere of a well-designed room.


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