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Floor Lamps


A lovely collection of floor lamps representing every décor style awaits you in the lamp collection at Always Lighting.  


Floor lamps serve not only the functional purpose of providing task lighting but also act as a beautiful complement to your décor.  Every well lit room needs layers of light to provide proper illumination.  General lighting comes from overhead ceiling lights and serves to light up an entire room.  Task lighting is provided from table and floor lamps.  Accent lighting comes from wall sconces or small lamps placed on a bookshelf for example. 


Our floor lamps come in every décor style from eco-friendly to modern.  Our lovely eco-friendly floor lamps are created from natural, organic materials and will create a statement for your earth-friendly home.  Our modern floor lamp collection features clean and sleek lines and reckon back to the period between 1920 and 1950, where our contemporary floor lamps represent everything that is popular now.  Always Lighting's rustic floor lamps offer lamps that express the refined rustic style so popular today among designers. Our transitional floor lamps offer classic, timeless designs that will enhance your décor.


Floor lamps are wonderful for placing in dark corners or to add extra illumination in reading areas, particularly when there isn't room for an end table and lamp.  Floor lamps will create warmth and instill a feeling of comfort.


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